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Best gaming laptops for GTA 5

GTA V was one of the best PC games the year 2015, and it still holds up well. The massive open world, the immersive story, and the excellent detail makes it one of the best pc games of all time. It’s still a demanding game, but these days you don’t have to pay much to get powerful enough hardware to run it smoothly.

This article will show you three affordable gaming laptop that will run GTA 5 on high-ultra graphics settings.

Asus Rog Strix GL503GE

The Asus Rog Strix GL503GE is an affordable gaming laptop with decent battery life, a good screen, and a fast SSD.

The screen is a 15.6″ display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and 1080p (FULL HD) resolution. The only downside of the screen is that it’s not an IPS display.

It has 16GB RAM and comes with a 500GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. With the fast SSD combined with the Intel Core i7 processor, it will load programs and games really fast. This gaming laptop will run GTA V on 60+ fps on high and 30+ fps on ultra thanks to the Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti graphics card.

MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro

The MSI GS73VR is a slim ultrabook with a brushed aluminum body. It has an appealing design. However, the keyword is a bit smushed together, and some people may find the arrow keys to close to the num pad. On the sides of the laptop, you’ll see all the necessary ports you’re going to need for GTA. It has three USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, an SD card reader, HDMI 2.0 and a Thunderbolt 3 port.

The display of the MSI GS73VR is an impressive 120Hz screen that covers 100% of the Adobe RBG color gamut. These impressive screen specs are pretty rare to find on a 17-inch gaming laptop display.

Inside the MSI GS73VR, you’ll find some potent hardware. It has a 1TB SSD and a 2TB HDD, that’s a lot of storage! It also features an Intel Core i7 CPU and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. For benchmarks, you can have a look at this MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro Review.

Acer Predator Helios 300

With a 144hz display. A powerful graphics card and a reasonable price, the Asus Helios 300 have everything you’ll need for GTA 5.

Under the matte black chassis, you’re going to find hardware that can run the latest games without any issues. It comes with the Intel Core i7-8650H CPU, an Intel processor from the latest generation. This CPU is powerful enough to run any demanding game or programs you throw it.

The gaming performance is excellent. It comes with the Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card, that will run almost any game on ultra with high frame rates. GTA V will run smoothly on ultra settings. The full HD IPS display with a refresh rate of 144hz will make justice to the impressive graphics of the latest games.

The biggest downside to the Acer Predator Helios is the small hard drive. It comes only with 256GB of storage, and after installing GTA, you might find yourself low on storage.

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Best multimedia laptop 2018

If you want a laptop for watching movies, surfing the internet and paying your taxes, then you don’t have to pay much. In fact, you can get a good multimedia laptop for a very good price. Before we reveal exactly what multimedia laptop we recommend let’s talk a bit about what specs and features your next multimedia laptop should have.

A good multimedia laptop should have:

  • A good price
  • At least 500GB storage
  • A powerful processor
  • An operating system made for multimedia

The laptop we recommend have all of these features. It has a price under $500, a 500GB hard drive and an Intel Core processor. The operating system is Windows 8.1, an operating system that is excellent for multimedia.

The laptop we are talking about is the Lenovo Flex 3. This computer, manufactured by Lenovo has an elegant design. It’s lightweight but still sturdy. The island-style keyboard is a pleasure to type on. The keys are swift and have a nice feel when pressed. The speakers produce clear and loud audio. We think the Lenovo Flex is one of the best multimedia laptops you can get. But to get a better picture of what kind of laptop the Lenovo Flex 15 really is read this Lenovo Flex 3 15 review yourself and make your own opinion.

The hardware in the Lenovo Flex is good enough for watching movies or surfing the web. With 500GB of storage, you can save over 500 videos or over 20000 images. So you have more than enough space for everyday use. The screen of the Lenovo Flex is a quality 1366×768  display with good image resolution and vibrant colors. And the included Intel Core i5 won’t let you down. It is an excellent processor that can run most programs without major load times.

That’s why we at Ohio Computer Enthusiast Blog thinks the Lenovo Flex 15 is the best multimedia laptop available today.

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PC or Laptop – Which is better for gaming?

PC Gaming

Many people have doubts and question about the existence of special laptops for gaming when there is already a system that supports gaming platforms along with the others. This is definitely a productive doubt but all of us know that necessity is the mother of invention. Of course in the early days, it was this desktop that was used even for playing games but the configurations and settings were maintained at the basic levels. In the current era, we have new games every day and most of the regular desktops do not support the latest versions.

Even some of the age-old games like Mario have now come with advancements which cannot be practically played in the older systems. This is because of the high configuration requirements. Of course, the latest models of desktops come with advancements that can support these gaming requirements but one main reason for people preferring a laptop is its easy accessibility and portability. A laptop can be easily carried to any place unlike the desktops and this is the top reasons for this choice.

Gaming desktops vs. gaming laptops

Studies say that nothing can match the desktops for they have been designed and made to offer the best quality and performance. There is always a backup available while using a desktop and there is absolutely no chance of losing anything. Though there are laptops in the present day with same and almost similar features and good gaming performance, the rates keep going high with every special installation and you will end up paying very high.

Gaming desktops score better than the gaming laptops

As said, above though the gaming laptops try to match up to the gaming desktops, there is always something missing and something that is unmatched with the desktops. It is nothing but the customization option offered to the user. The desktops offer this with flexibility which is not the case with gaming laptops. And again this customization can happen within every pocket which is not possible with the laptops and even if it, it will make you pay high. Apart from this, a customized desktop is cheaper than a customized laptop though both of them promise same specs and features.

Another main advantage with the gaming desktops is the processors and graphics processors they offer. The laptops come with a mobile processor which can never match up with the quality offered by a desktop version of CPUs and GPU`s. Recently there was a laptop in the market with the desktop graphic`s processor but the rates were so very high that only people belonging to the upper middle class could afford to own them. When such features add advantages are available with a simple desktop, why would people go for gaming laptops?

Final verdict

The very choice of a gaming desktop or a gaming laptop is the user`s and none of the studies take sides. It is the user who has to make his choice taking into consideration his preferences, requirements and the pockets. Be it anything, it is sure to offer the best gaming experience to the user.

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Gaming Laptops Expected In 2017

The significant things to look for in any gaming laptops are the processor, battery life, RAM, hard drive, and portability. Gaming laptops are getting more and more popular among everyone. There is a high demand for these devices which is why many reputed brands are bringing their best products in the market to attract customers.

Gamers wait for new devices with high expectations and understand the change in gaming world due to these high-tech gaming laptops. New launch devices should not only be compatible with current games but should also be prepped for soon-to-be-launched games. Here are few expected devices for this year:

LenovoLegion Y720:

Lenovo Y720

Lenovo Legion is expressively intended for gamers. Highest demand of gaming laptop is from youngsters generally all over the world and this device is made bearing in mind their prerequisite. Lenovo legion launched two gaming laptops in this series. Y720 and Y520, both are powered by seventh generation core processor. Y720 has a larger battery at 60 WHR.

Lenovo hopes that Y720will stand out by being the first laptop to support Dolby Atmos. It boosts the surround sound effect and content played through headphones.It has RGB keyboard backlight. It is a good choice for moderate players and will not be heavy on pockets too.

Dell Inspiron and Alienware Series:

Alienware r3
The Alienware R3 Series

The Alienware series has continuously been Dell’s best gaming laptops. Along with Alienware series Dell also launched two new Inspiron laptops for gamers.

Dell Inspiron 14 7000:
This device has 14-inch full high definition display and supports Intel core i77700HQ (Kaby Lake) processor. It has 32 GB RAM.
Dell Inspiron 15 7000:
This gaming laptop comes with a 17.3-inch screen and can support 512 GB SSD storage at maximum.
Alienware 15 R3:
This device features a 15.6-inch display with the storage expansion that can up to 1TB +1 TB HDD. Its premium variant comes with new Intel 7th generation (aka Kaby Lake)core i7 processor with up to 32 GB DDDR4 RAM.
Alienware 17 R4:
This device sports 17.3-inch screen with maximum support for UHD 3840*2160pixels resolution screen. It can support up to NVIDIA GeForce GT*1080 with 1 TB SSD storage.

Acer Predator 21 X:

Acer Predator 21 X

Acer has specially designed this laptop keeping in mind the requirement of gamers. It is one of the most preferred laptops in gaming world due to its powerful performance and increased storage space. According to the company, it is the world’s first curved screen notebook. This notebook sports a curved screen with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. It has a twenty-one-inch display with IPS and a 2560*1080 screen resolution. Not only that, the refresh rate is a 120 Hz.

Among the newest features is its eye-tracking technology. This technology helps in identifying enemies in the game. It helps in taking cover or aiming at enemies by looking at movements on the screen. It has killer Doubleshot pro that automatically picks the fastest network connection. This device has 64 GB of DDR4 – 2400 memory; up to four 512 GB states drives in RAID 0 configuration and 7200 RPM hard drive of 1 TB capacity.

Many companies are offering best deals when it comes to portability and affordability in gaming laptops. To find the right deal, do your research, and you can find some really great deals. Like a gaming laptop with the Nvidia GTX 1060 for under $1000.  There are plenty of options or various products range for gamers to decide and choose the best product from the market. Research well and then decide to spend your money on any device.

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How to customize your gaming laptop

A laptop is something that helps the user to work on anything from his place and with the introduction of this device, there is a 360 degrees change in the way the world has started operating. You can see even a kid walking with a laptop, not for some important work but with games running on the screens. It has become an inevitable device in everybody`s life and it does justice to this fact by helping mankind in all ways possible. Initially, there were no specific laptops for specific purposes and it was just a single device that served all purposes. But with technological developments and improvements, manufacturers started trialing new products in the market and none of them withered for every new product had something unique to offer the user and this in turn instilled in him the need and want for more. This again urged the manufacturers to come up with more. So this became a cycle and a need of today became a product tomorrow and went on without a full stop.

It was this way that we have the gaming laptops in use today. These laptops are nothing different from the regular laptops but it is only that these are specially designed for games and come with advanced processors and software applications that could enhance the gaming experience.

Generally, these laptops that come from the factory sheds of the manufacturer come with everything inbuilt in it. The why do you think people go for customization? A laptop that is custom made has more benefits to offer the user. For many, they serve as a better alternative when compared to the ones that are pre-configured though they act as capable devices.

Manufacturer`s device with your inputs

A laptop can be customized according to your taste by installing hardware and software of your choice that would best suit your work nature. You can also accessorize the device with some extras that would make your working better ultimately enhancing your performance. Some features and settings can also be modified to make the device look and work right for you. So, on the whole, a customized device becomes a device of your choice with just the built and exteriors of the manufacturers and all the internals would be according to your tastes. Most of the youngsters prefer to have a customized one because their expectations are varied and there is no one device that would meet all these. So if a basic device is custom-made it becomes a device of their choice and acts according to their commands.

Customization procedure

In simple word, by customizing a device you will get what you want and what you expect. This is a very simple process. Just select the model of your choice and look for the customize button which mostly is an easy to identify button on the screen. Generally, this is available upfront in all the models that allow customization. Clicking on this customize or customize and add button will help you start the process of changing the basic features and settings.

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What is the best insurance you can get for a gaming laptop?

While mobile phones have replaced our day –to-day things like calendars, calculators and watch, laptops have replaced many more things and have become an integral part of most of our lives. We use laptops for many purposes. Our data, right from a small detail to the larger office data, everything has its place in our laptop, which we use regularly. What if one day your laptop met with an accident? What if your laptop is lost? What if your laptop is stolen? Would it be good for you to lose important data? How can you get track of it? Well, how can you reverse the process if your laptop had a fatal fall, and never switched on? Have you thought about insuring your laptop?

Why should you consider insurance for your laptop?

Well, why do we consider life insurance? Because we never know what happens when and we need protection in time of crisis! Same reason for your laptops! Laptops are expensive gadgets that we consider for daily use and it comes with great features which store all our data. Be it office things, personal data like photographs, memoirs, old documents etc. would it be good if all that vanished in just a fraction of a second, due to a minute mistake? Be it a minute mistake or a big, the effect is there forever.

If you consider insuring your laptop, you can be assured of the hardware and software components. You needn’t stand in a queue or walk all the way to the purchased shop. The policy company will take care of all these things and will give your laptop or replace a new one, when under the policy period.

Do you need Insurance for a gaming laptop?

Yes! Definitely, you need insurance for gaming laptop too. The processor you choose, graphics card, RAM all that you choose high and specialized ones, paying extra bucks, it really needs a cover to protect these special parts from any damage, accidental or others. By getting them insured you can be protected from any internal damage to them too, like fire accidents resulting in burning of minute components, which would otherwise cost you bucks.

What are the advantages of getting your gaming laptop insured?

Accidents covered: most of the policy covers any damage to the gadget, like screen cracks. Don’t worry if you happen to drop your laptop in water, or a jug of water pouring down accidentally on your laptop until you have insured them. They will get it repaired at the earliest, and in the worst case, if repair isn’t possible, you will get a new laptop.

Breakdown: we have all come across this even in our mobile phones. When such thing happens, you need not worry when your laptop is insured. You will get a free checkup and service for it.

Cover for theft: few companies do provide cover for thefts. So you just need not worry and sob for losing a laptop unless you have insurance. Otherwise, definitely, you got to run from trees to pillars, searching the person and your possession.

Extended warranty or insurance to choose?

We advise you to go for insurance as many things don’t fall under extended warranty coverage. Extended warranty doesn’t work when your laptop has met with water, main problem seen these days. So, it’s better to choose an insurance plan working for your gaming pro. And invest for closer to 4-5years, will help you.

Gaming laptop insurance companies:

There are many companies who do this job; Costco, American Express, Debenhams, Trusted insurances and others. Find which has a good offer for you.

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The Key Features Of A Gaming Computer

If you are a gaming freak, we are sure you have all that a game needs. But if you are a budding game addict, then surely you need some guide. Games have undergone a long transition phase and are here today, to make you thrilled and excited.

Gaming laptops are here to provide with great gaming experience, sensed ever before. The experience that a video game rendered can be matched with this, this is even more. You feel the pump in your adrenaline when you start playing the games on these laptops.

Well, as we said if you are a budding gamer, then you might want to buy a gaming laptop, and for that, you really need to know what to look out for in a gaming laptop.

A custom built gaming computer
To get a great gaming laptop you need to know what features to look for

The features of a gaming laptop are listed below, please make a note and then head to buy one.


Graphics is the gaming world’s everything, without it, nothing exists. So be careful in choosing the right graphics card for your system. It also depends on your laptop processor configuration. The gaming laptop processors are usually configured to perform the operations at higher speed. If you buy a graphics card that is lower in quality, you will firstly see them in visuals. You will have a bad visual experience, even though with a good laptop, and if you buy the one higher in speed than the processor, then your laptop processor can’t process the card to its capacity. So choose the graphics card carefully and wisely, depending upon your laptop.

The processor of the laptop:

This is another top most important parameter to be considered. Would you love the scenario of standing on the winning edge and suddenly your lappy going blank, crashing down? Definitely No, without a good processor, it doesn’t make a good laptop and never a gaming laptop. Even if the laptop isn’t tagged ‘gaming laptop’, by reading its processor specifications and understanding its strength and ability you can run your games, without shelling few extra bucks for the tag. So get to the core safe, consider the options and finalize. Currently, Intel is the best choice in processors and especially for gaming processors.

Storage- RAM or VRAM:

We hope you understand this part and its criticality. Having a good processor and graphics without much space will not help you in any way. Computers need more space to run gaming tasks normally, they store many things in hard drive and cache too. If you are interested in buying a gaming laptop only for gaming purpose, then you should concentrate on this part. Gaming laptops now come with new VRAM- RAM dedicated only for videos that are required for gaming and it comes with Graphics card.

Audio and Sound:

If you looking laptops only for gaming, then you must check the audio part, which has to be above the average line compared to others. For gaming purposes, audio should be of best quality to draw the maximum gaming experience. Check for its mention on the laptop.


When you are looking for gaming laptops, the keyboards too are made specially to meet the gamer’s requirements. So, check in for the best keyboard that comes with some features like backlit. Buying a backlit keyboard gives you better control in the dark and adds some style quotient too.


If you intend to use this laptop as carry-around ones, then weight should be a concern. Check for laptops with lesser weights, so as to ensure a load free gaming.


This is a mark for your money. If you have a warranty, you can be assured for the worth of your money for the specified time. Going in for without warranty will lead to many worries in the long run. So, never worry to shell some dollars extra and get the safety of your gadget.

Hope all this helps you in choosing the right one. To get more information on building a computer there are many gaming computer build guides online.

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