PC or Laptop – Which is better for gaming?

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Many people have doubts and question about the existence of special laptops for gaming when there is already a system that supports gaming platforms along with the others. This is definitely a productive doubt but all of us know that necessity is the mother of invention. Of course in the early days, it was this desktop that was used even for playing games but the configurations and settings were maintained at the basic levels. In the current era, we have new games every day and most of the regular desktops do not support the latest versions.

Even some of the age-old games like Mario have now come with advancements which cannot be practically played in the older systems. This is because of the high configuration requirements. Of course, the latest models of desktops come with advancements that can support these gaming requirements but one main reason for people preferring a laptop is its easy accessibility and portability. A laptop can be easily carried to any place unlike the desktops and this is the top reasons for this choice.

Gaming desktops vs. gaming laptops

Studies say that nothing can match the desktops for they have been designed and made to offer the best quality and performance. There is always a backup available while using a desktop and there is absolutely no chance of losing anything. Though there are laptops in the present day with same and almost similar features and good gaming performance, the rates keep going high with every special installation and you will end up paying very high.

Gaming desktops score better than the gaming laptops

As said, above though the gaming laptops try to match up to the gaming desktops, there is always something missing and something that is unmatched with the desktops. It is nothing but the customization option offered to the user. The desktops offer this with flexibility which is not the case with gaming laptops. And again this customization can happen within every pocket which is not possible with the laptops and even if it, it will make you pay high. Apart from this, a customized desktop is cheaper than a customized laptop though both of them promise same specs and features.

Another main advantage with the gaming desktops is the processors and graphics processors they offer. The laptops come with a mobile processor which can never match up with the quality offered by a desktop version of CPUs and GPU`s. Recently there was a laptop in the market with the desktop graphic`s processor but the rates were so very high that only people belonging to the upper middle class could afford to own them. When such features add advantages are available with a simple desktop, why would people go for gaming laptops?

Final verdict

The very choice of a gaming desktop or a gaming laptop is the user`s and none of the studies take sides. It is the user who has to make his choice taking into consideration his preferences, requirements and the pockets. Be it anything, it is sure to offer the best gaming experience to the user.


  1. Peter



    Solid post. I agree with the poster.

  2. Diane



    I think a gaming laptop is a good investment. I travel a lot in my work so a gaming laptop works great for me, It can run all the demanding 3D programs I use in my everyday work.

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